Experiencing time is different in the Arctic. Time is for management purposes and to manage people, but being here changes time – it doesn’t exist. For some people it feels like Christmas all the time.

Transcription from interview with Chen [05-10-2016], unedited:
In (name) one artists work he/she is creating a conversation about time. “Playing with my sculptures is when I find peace. So it is kind of a double peace – both in nature and in sculptures. So I couldn’t be happier, really. This makes me calm. No internet, no nothing… Glaciers have definitely some kind of deeper resonance… It strikes my inspiration source, in life and my work. I am fascinated by glaciers and ice. Coming here yesterday to watch glaciers I started to cry. Why… I don’t know. Maybe it has to do with going back to the roots again. As a child I could look into a hole for hours and hours. Glaciers bring back some beauty, the wild beauty, that no man can copy.”