Being in such a wild landscape makes one rethink what it means to be human.

Transcription from interview with Kristin [14-10-2016], unedited:
“I think a lot of people feel very small, but in a good way. I am very insignificant in a good way. I will not leave a trace. With the next storm flooding, or high tide flood, or strong wind, my tracks will be gone, and nobody will ever see that I have been here. Everything around here is so vast it is not possible for one human being to have impact on it. You are so insignificant in what I think is a good way. You are so small, you mean so little, you mean absolutely nothing, and you have nothing to do here. You know? The birds that are nesting here, the seals that are swimming here, they are adapted to enjoy this. While as a human, you are so out of your comfort zone, you are so out of place, that you have no impact, that you have nothing to say. If the wind is blowing, you have to get shelter. If it is too cold you have to hide in the cabin. You are insignificant, you are very small.”