Read about the art of witchcraft used to attract the sight of whales.

Most people who go to the Arctic are in search of the miraculous – rare sights of polar bears, whales, stunning glaciers and unique surroundings. Some visitors go quite far to create the trip they envision it to be. Witchcraft for example.

According to one of the ship crew members three witches which visited the Arctic last year. They walked around with pendulums and crystals to attract whales, every day surveying maps of their surroundings with their magic jewels. They would murmur wishes whilst calling out to the whales: “whale, come up my dearest, then I can look you in the eye whilst talking to you.” Even though the crew was sceptic, the magic did seem to do the trick. During that trip they saw 200 humpback whales, an extremely unusual occurrence. It is only beluga wales that are sometimes seen in those numbers together.