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Here’s what you can do in your community
There are many ways to tackle climate change, ranging from daily action, personal actions to political involvement. For inspiration on taking action, have a look at these links below.

More than Scientists
More Than Scientists is a collaborative effort born of long experience in climate activism combining with concerned scientists seeking to help get the word out about where the science currently stands. It is a project of The Climate Change Education Project, a 501c3 non-profit corporation.
How you can help your city fight climate change
Daily actions, political engagement, and community activity you can do right now.
Teabag Index
Here you can learn all about climate change research, what teabags have got to do with it and how you can participate in this global experiment!
Climate change – what you can do

On climate change
Live Science – Climate change affecting Arctic Antarctic differently
Climate Hot Map
Climate Amplifiers

Reddit – Earth just had the hottest august in 136 years
Hindawi – Temperature and Precipitation Development at Svalbard 1900–2100
The Guardian – Why our brains are wired to ignore climate change and what to do about it

On and from Spitsbergen
Polar Permaculture – sustainable farming solutions in the Arctic
Weather statistics for Longyearbyen
Statistics Svalbard
Ice People – the worlds northernmost newspaper
Svalbard Posten
The Barents Observer – More tourists sail Svalbard waters
The Barents Observer – Busy days Svalbard waters
Washington Post – What its like in the cold dark isolated coal mines of the Arctic
Independent – Svalbard: 100 days dark winter
The Barents Observer – New Arctic satellite laser on Svalbard
Sysselmannen – the Governor of Svalbard
Topo Svalbard – map
Norges Kart – map
Unis – the University Centre Svalbard