Seeing is believing, they say. Read a sculptor’s statement on how being to the Arctic changed her attitude towards the environment

Transcription from interview with Carly [09-10-2016], unedited:
“I’m just in love with it. Like I want to move here! And I can’t believe how beautiful it can be. I am just amazed by it all. There is a glacier melting in front of us. And that the water sounds amazing. It’s not about climate change. It is about surging glaciers. That’s at least what I have been told, because I was getting really emotional because it was melting. And then I was told it was natural by the guides.
You know we’re out here and it is October. There should be snow everywhere. The North pole has got to be colder than this. Shouldn’t the water be refreezing right now and not running in streams? Does this happen in winter? Probably shouldn’t be, right? I think it changed my perspective when I get back. To how much as a person I use things. Or, whether to use the car. Small changes. People, at least in America, when it is not affecting them, they don’t see, they don’t understand. I feel like I get it now. I think if more people came here they would know there is a huge difference now.”