During the expedition there is no internet. Several evenings presentations of the participants are planned for knowledge exchange. Climate change is a central topic.

Transcription from interview with Lene [06-10-2016], unedited:
“I hope to get clearer about these things from this residency. One of the participants yesterday showed a movie of glacial retreat in Switzerland and how they put canvas on glaciers to avoid them shrinking too much in summer. How many scientists actually seem to think it is a national problem. I hope to learn more and get some deeper facts. I want to know what these layers of material and segments in glaciers consist of, and what they are doing to the climate over thousands and thousands of years. How it will affect me and my children, and also if there is something we can do. Or does nature work itself out without us interfering too much? It is fascinating to learn so much. Before coming here I didn’t know climate change brought forth a mixed breed between a polar bear and grizzly bear: the growlar or pizzly bear.”