Even in the most barren places there is a surprising amount of liveliness. Read on to discover what goes on in research town Ny-Ålesund

The buildings of old mining town Ny-Ålesund are divided into stations for each nation. Each station have beds where people sleep. Some stations have permanent staff, while most are seasonal, coming temporarily to do their research. And then you have people from Kingsbay.. In older times Kingsbay was owned by theKings Bay Coal Mining Company, but today it is the company that provides services for the scientists. They have a canteen and take care of the cleaning, roads and playing fields…. everything that is needed in daily life. There are around 30 people employed, with more in the summer. example 10 permanent research staff and 25 people working for Kingsbay (service). They live all in their own flats which are distributed all over Ny-Ålesund.

Everyone, including the guest researchers, eats together in the canteen and also enjoy their parties! Ny-Ålesund is actually famous for its parties, which, apart from at Christmas, are themed and in costume. Most people coming home from Ny-Ålesund say that they had the best time of their lives there. There are researchers from Ny-Ålesund who live together, work together and go on trips together. Everybody likes to be out in nature; hiking, skiing and talking trips on the snow scooter and the boat.

When visiting Ny-Ålesund it is possible to walk along the roads and see the stations. There is a museum about the history of the station and the research conducted there. There is a shop which is open twice a week where one can buy souvenirs, chocolate, beer, and wine. Although what tourist can buy is limited, because otherwise there will be nothing left for the residents!