Tourism and research are the future. Not mining. Mining operations in Ny-Ålesund (not shown in picture) were shut down after a final accident in November 1962, killing twenty-one miners in one blast. In total, more than 68 miners have been killed in mining activities since Kings Bay Coal Mining company started in 1933. Since then it became a research town.

One of the guides has met the veteran miner who took the dead bodies from the mine after the accident. The new grave of the cemetery was replaced 30 meters. Then funny things started to happen. One of the houses in Ny-Ålesund is haunted. Nobody talks about it, but everybody agrees that it is “very uncomfortable to be in.” It is said to be the ghost of a woman, who was kept as an undernourished ‘slave’ by two trappers in a trappers’ hut, which still lingers. She originally came from Finland.