What kind of people live in the northernmost community of the world? What do their daily lives look like, and how do they interact with their surroundings? Spitsbergen (“jagged mountains”) is home to 2752 people of roughly 46 nationalities. Most of them live in Longyearbyen, research town Ny-Ålesund or the Russian mining settlement of Barentszburg. Few of them are left in Pyramiden, previously a mining utopia. Each photograph contains a story of the inhabitants who chose to live under dire circumstances in what they regard as their home, at a latitude of 78°N. These stories are constructed from facts, interviews with researchers, teachers, explorers, journalists and other community members and as such are part of an oral history of the archipelago. Learn about coal extraction, what happened during WWII, glaciers, living in the dark, houses built on permafrost, climate change, trappers, local communities and the opportunities that tourism offers. Explore and discover their rapidly changing world.





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