Project Arcticography

Project Arcticography

About our project


The Arctic is transforming, both the landscape and its inhabitants.

Climate change is a fact. It just doesn’t always seem as such. Direct consequences aren’t constantly visible and feel distant. But climate change is real. Not only in scientific reports or numbers. It is real in its stories. It is through personal stories our reality largely is created. These stories form the base through which we accept, ignore or reject facts like climate change. It forms the base on which we decide to take action. If we really want to tackle climate change it is crucial to not only acknowledge it in scientific facts, but in stories as well.

This autumn we will travel to Svalbard and be part of ‘The Arctic Circle Residency’, a sailing nexus for interdisciplinary research of artists, scientists and activists. We have been invited for the expedition in October 2016, where the ‘Antigua’ vessel will sail along the west coast of the archipelago and moor on different locations.

We will document the experiences and perceptions of the inhabitants of Svalbard, the crew of the vessel ‘Antigua’, and our experiences. We will tell the story of a disappearing landscape through associative maps, featuring various perspectives and experiences. We will launch an interactive website where all the stories and experiences from Svalbard, one of the areas most affected by climate change today, will be combined.

Before the launch of the website we will keep you updated here about our project.