Captain Joachim of the Antiagua talks about the tricks of nature for surviving under harsh conditions.

Transcription from interview with captain Joachim [16-10-2016], unedited:
“The Arctic is a very sensitive area. Nature in the Arctic is based on minimum energy usage to survive. If one moves too much one will waste too much energy and die. Even though nature is really harsh there is a lot of life here. And there used to be much more then nowadays. Every animal, every plant is so specialized in surviving in these harsh surroundings and doing that for so long. Everything goes slow.

When a whale dies it lies at the bottom of the sea and one can encounter whale bones as land will get heaved up. People are actually looking at bones of 600 years which lied on the bottom of the sea and don’t even realize it. It takes centuries to dissolve. All the cultural remains, they just stay.”